Full Metal Jacket Documentary


Mathew Modine Full Metal Jacket Diary Audiobook

Mathew Modine has recently turned his book Full Metal Jacket Diary into an audiobook. Based on the diary he kept during his time while shooting the movie Full Metal Jacket, Modine catalogs his experience with the controversial director Stanley Kubrick.

Full Metal Jacket Audiobook Website

More Evidence World Leaders Are Not Respecting The US Or Trump’s Presidency

Today the Turkish president’s bodyguards assaulted protesters in front of the White House. The attack occurred while Trump was inside meeting with Turkish leader Erdogan

The Great Alone 2015 Full Movie


Documentary about Iditarod Champion Lance Mackey


Lance Mackey telling how he tricked Jeff King to win the Iditarod

Dead Kennedys Documentary

This otherwise very good documentary does not cover the falling out the band later had in the 90s over royalties and album rights. You can read motre about that here: Dead Kennedys vs Jelllo Biafra

Jello Biafra takes it to Tipper Gore over sensorship


Jello Biafra discusses his trial for obscenity